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SAMER HALIMEH; Knightsbridge Flagship Boutique

July 27, 2018

In the heart of London, Knightsbridge serves as an exclusive residential and high end retail luxury hub located in west London. Walking through Knightsbridge, right before southern entrance to Hyde park you can’t miss the extraordinary rhino sculpture made by Italian artist Stefano Bombardieri suspended on the terrace of Samer Halimeh London’s boutique. The 300 square meter three storey flagship boutique cost £10 million to build and renovate.

Upon walking through the thick steel doors, an extravagant chandelier made from 600 pieces of handmade Bohemian crystal welcomes you to resonate African skies, and lit up the sleek and chic interior with rotating vitrines, made out of glass, marble and steel.

The state of the art vault in the basement is made with 12 tonnes of reinforced concrete and is protected by motion sensors, CCTV cameras and infra-red beams. The basement vault holds on to the most exceptional and rare diamonds and jewels in the boutique, including a 65ct emerald-cut diamond, Vivo Per Lei, worth over £20 million. The VIP suite opens up to the decked into a drink and cigar terrace overlooking the Bombardieri rhino.

From conflicted war zones in Beirut to New York, Africa and now London, Samer Halimeh is the man behind some of the most exceptional diamonds, red carpet iconic jewels as well as jewels for royal families.

From diamond manufacturing to design and creating each piece, the complete cycle is done under supervision of New York headquarters. With two other boutiques in Kuala Lumpur and Riyadh, the Knightsbridge flagship boutique enables the brand to showcase the complete collection in one of the most prominent cities in the world for high end and luxury shopping.

By working with artisan, independent and local miners, Samer makes sure that all the diamonds are ethically sourced and processed through Kimberly process. This is the perfect example for the notion of mine to market. Samer documented his travels to the bush which can take days, where he meet with artisan miners and source the most incredible rough diamonds in a short documentary named; Samer Halimeh NY: The Source .

By supporting local miners, he also gives back to the community and helping to restore the environment by charitable initiatives and being part of Save the Rhino cause.

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