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The Best Jewellery Brands for the Single Earring Trend

November 2, 2016

There’s no doubt that accessories have become an important aspect in New York Fashion Week and the other seasonal runway shows across the fashion capitals. From the bags, shoes, hats and brooches, every little detail counts in a collection. And perhaps one of the more understated yet powerful accessories that can take an ensemble to the next level are earrings, more specifically, a single earring.

The trend is nothing new in fashion, as we have seen it pop up on models in runway shows over the past couple of years. Interestingly, the one-earring fad was first paraded by men in the punk era almost four decades ago, according to Vogue writer Jamie Johns. Fast forward to the present day, its statement-bearing quality has transcended time and become a significant part of the world of jewellery, proving to fashionistas all over the globe that sometimes, one is just enough.

Single Earring Trend



There are a myriad of brands out there that manufacture earrings worthy enough to hang on their own, but here we’ve narrowed down a few of my favourites:



From the collection of Balenciaga goods curated by Lyst, the e-commerce site describe the brand as masters of producing desirable luxury goods through expert knowledge of construction and graceful simplicity. Balenciaga find jeweller inspiration from the unlikeliest of objects, such as safety pins and screws. The crystal clip-ons and ear cuffs are suited as standalone pieces or as a mismatching pair with a sparkling stud.


Irene Neuwirth

A purveyor in the modern single-earring trend, Irene Neuwirth is truly a force to be reckoned with. Her aesthetic is instantly recognisable in the jewellery industry, mixing colourful precious stones in each piece. The beauty of her creations is that no two pieces are the same, which guarantees the uniqueness of every shopper’s purchase. In her latest collection, she has utilised gems such as watermelon tourmaline, aquamarine and sunstone embedded on 18k gold wires.


Ileana Makri

Greek jeweller Ileana Makri has always had a keen eye for ornate jewellery, growing up with her mother’s costume jewels, working at the Gemological Institute of America before launching her eponymous brand. Her pieces usually have a vintage twist that almost look like artifacts that belong in a museum, as her ranges often take on cultural themes that blend modern techniques with historical symbolism. Because of the extraordinary detail and her use of gemstone adornments, Makri’s earrings are bold enough as a single piece to steal the show.

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