2 April 2015

Yellow Me Sunny Part II

Hi Jewelristas!

Remember the Yellow Me Sunny post? Well here is an over due follow up to that post after almost 4 years :)

During November and Decemeber 2014 I started the #YellowLovin campaign on instagram and shared everything Yellow, currently there are more than 500 photos with #YellowLovin on instagram and here I am going to share the top 50 with Graff, Leviev, David Morris, Christie's and Sotheby's leading the most beautiful pieces.

You can find the other chapters by searching #FancyABlue #CushionCrush and the most recent one #AbsoluteAsscher

Let me know which one is you favourite and enjoy!

Graff Diamonds
Amrapali Jewels

David Morris 

2 March 2015

Cushion Cut Diamonds!

Hello to all of jewelristas around the world

As I have mentioned before, on my instagram page there are different chapters going on, so far I have covered "The Blues" which you can see all the photos and videos in my last post "Fancy A Blue? I Do", "Diamond Necklaces", "The Yellows" and now I have finished the "Cushion Cut" chapter. You can find all the Cushion Cut Diamond photos in instagram by searching the #CushionCrush

I really enjoy having chapters and focus on one element of a jewelry which enables us to see, learn, compare and get inspiration from the varieties that are out there considering that single factor which in this instance is the cut. 

Cushion cut diamond is a four sided deep square or rectangle cut with rounded corners and a large face and it has a cushion shaped girdle. The cut is usually multi-faceted to give the highest possible light refraction therefor the properly cut cushion cut diamonds have an enormous scintillation, sparkle, fire and brilliance.

as of 2009 GIA and AGSL have attempted to clarify and reorganize the naming of cushion cut diamonds to leave less room for misinterpretation and inconsistency. As per below table you can see the different cuts that are available for cushion cut diamonds as well as the definition:

New GIA & AGSL Naming chart for cushion cut diamonds (Credit: PriceScope.com)
You can read more about the variety of cushion cut diamonds at PriceScope.com

The biggest cushion cut diamond that has ever been found is 218ct D Flawless and it took Cora International master cutters 2 years of planning, cutting and polishing to create the world's biggest cushion cut out of rough.

Enough with talking, let the photos and several stunning videos fill your day with sparkle, fire, scintillation and brilliance!


11ct E VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring by Chopard (I was trying it on at Chopard in South Coast Plaza)

The One Cushion Cut Diamond Ring by Harry Winston (I was trying it on at Harry Winston in South Coast Plaza)

11ct E VS2 Cushion Cut Diamond Ring by Chopard (I was trying it on at Chopard in South Coast Plaza)

22 February 2015

Fancy a Blue? I DO!

Hello jewelristas!

The last time I did post on Blues was back in May 2011!
Here is a link to "Something Blue" which had lots of information on Blue coloured stones as well.
Now its time for a very over due update on Blues and if you follow me on instagram you know that I mainly try to focus on chapters such as a specific colour, shape and etc. Recently I had a blue chapter which now I am going to share it with you all here.
Up until now I have covered the 2014 Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, Blues, Diamond Necklaces, Yellow Diamonds by #YellowDiamond and # YellowLovin and currently covering anything Cushion cut by #CushionCrush :-)
You can follow me on instagram or share with me your photos by #ChampagneGem!
Now sit back and let your eyes enjoy  a feast of magnificent blue colour in an array of shades on this wonderful Sunday.


Here is a quick preview of all the pieces!

The Winston Blue - The 13.22ct Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond
(The largest flawless blue diamond in the world) was purchased by
Harry Winston in 2013 Magnificent Jewels auction
at Christie's for $23.8million
The Ocean Dream - The Largest Fancy Vivid Blue-Green Diamond in the world due
to its size of 5.5ct, natural origin, hue and saturated color which makes it an
 extremely rare and unusual and was sold at Christie's for $8,781,637 in May 2014
Blue Moon Diamond - 12ct Fancy Vivid Blue Cushion Cut Diamond Internally Flawless
 which has an orangy-red glow under ultraviolet showing that the
blue color in  this stone is true and saturated through out the stone
with no other color such as gray which is common for most of Blue
Diamonds and currently is owned by Cora International
Light Blue Diamond Ring by Jahan
Blue Necklace by Tom Burstein from Christie's
Blue Aquamarine Ring by Oscar Heyman

Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring by Ice Rock Diamonds
28.18ct Kashmere Blue Sapphire ring by Sotheby's which was sold for $5million
Oval Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring by Alexandra Mor Studios
Blue Sapphire Earrings by Jacob & Co
The Bismarck Sapphire; 98.6ct table cut Bismarck sapphire is
mounted in a pendant surrounded by diamonds and the
platinum chain is connected by small round brilliant diamonds - by Cartier
Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring by Jewels by Star
Blue Sapphire Ring by Sotheby's
Blue Diamond Ring by Graff Diamonds
Blue Sapphire and Pearl Necklace by David Morris London

19 February 2015

Top Ten Biggest Diamonds!

Hello my dear followers and jewelristas!

Yes, finally I am back after 78 weeks of absence and I am going to write again on my blog and what better way to start rather than with the top ten biggest diamonds in the world!

Most of the diamonds that are found are rather small and not of gem-quality. Big diamonds are very rare, especially those of the big diamonds that are of gem-quality.

Here are the top ten biggest diamonds ever found, courtesy of Axentric.com*. Diamonds so big that they are several hundred times bigger than almost all the other diamonds that are found in the ground. 

Just think about it, a 1 or 2 carat diamond in a ring is relatively big - and here we have diamonds that are several hundred of carats!

All of these diamonds have been found in Africa and most of them in South Africa. The diamonds that are found elsewhere in the world aren't as big as those in Africa, so this is where you should go if you want to try your luck finding a really big diamond :)

Well now that you have seen the info-graph, here are the images of these stunning diamonds:

De Beers Millennium Star Diamond a D colour, Internally & Externally Flawless Pear Shaped Diamond , cut to perfect proportions and weighing 203.04cts.

The Red Cross Diamond a Canary Yellow Cushion Shaped Diamond weighing 205.07cts and the cutting style is known as Stellar Brilliant due to the eight needle-like facets on the pavilion of the stone, pointing outwards from its culet facet.
The De Beers Diamond is a 234.65ct Light Yellow Octahedral Shaped Diamond which was found in 1888 in Kimberley, South Africa and in 1928 was set by Cartier in the Patiala Necklace once owned by Maharaja Patiala.
The Jubilee Diamond was found in 1895 in South Africa and is a glorious Cushion Shaped Diamond, E Colour and VVS2 Clarity, weighing 245.35cts.
The Centenary Diamond was found in 1986 in Premier Mine, South Africa. De Beers unveiled this beauty in 1988 as a D colour, Flawless and weighing 273.85cts. It is the second largest modern cut diamond in the world and carries 164 facets on the stone and 83 facets on the girdle. 
The Spirit of de Grisogono is a 312.24cts the largest Black Diamond in the world which was mined in West Central Africa before imported to Switzerland and being cut by Fawaz Gruosi the founder of de Grisogono using the traditional Mogul cutting technique.

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